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Dear ASU Volleyball Alum,

               Greetings from the ASU Volleyball Program!  Summer is winding down and it’s time for another ASU Volleyball season.  As August approaches, we are very excited about this upcoming season.  With 18 players on this year’s roster, we will be poised to make another deep post-season run.  Last season, we had another great year.  We were ranked in the Top 25 in the Nation again and advanced to our first ever Elite Eight!  Something we hope to repeat in 2017!  And for those of you that could make it, we celebrated 40 years of ASU Volleyball with a fun Alumni weekend.  Tons of great memories and interesting stories were flying around the VIP room. 

                It's a new year with new players and new opponents.  The one thing that remains constant is that we cannot do this alone.  We need the continued support of our alumni to help keep our program strong.  Some of you have started bringing your kids or teams to our camps and clinics over the summer.  Some of you have offered to host a team dinner when we travel near your part of the state and some of you have been generous enough to make donations to our Alumni Cornerstone Program.  Some of you even have children that are starting the recruiting process for themselves and have contacted us!! 

                We want to continue on the path we’ve set for ourselves.  It is a path that will make you proud as Alum.  Not only did we have success on the court last year, but we were successful off the court as well.  We earned the AVCA Team Academic Award for having a team GPA for the year over a 3.4.  In the fall, we had 4 kids with a 4.0 GPA and added 4 more in the spring.  Great things are happening here and we want you to be a part of it.

                I hope that you will consider joining our Alumni Cornerstone program. Even the smallest donation helps.  There is a level for you to get involved.  Foundation Level members will receive an ASU Volleyball T-shirt, a subscription to our volleyball newsletter and a 2017 recruiting guide.  In addition to the Foundation Level benefits, Cornerstone Level members will receive free access to our home match webcasts and a silver locker plaque mounted in our team locker room.  Pinnacle Level members will receive Cornerstone Level benefits with a gold locker plaque in place of the silver.

                Your donation will help us in a number of ways.  It allows us to travel a little more comfortably, upgrade our equipment, augment our recruiting and scholarship budgets and play the teams that will help us compete for conference, regional and national championships.  I invite you to consider joining our Alumni Cornerstone Program for 2017, and if you are already a member, I hope you will consider helping us again.  It is an opportunity to support your alma mater and enrich the lives of some very talented young ladies.  I look forward to a great year!!

Something else to note is that we are considering adding beach volleyball as a varsity sport.  I am hoping to have it in place by Spring 2019.  If we can find the funding, it will be a reality.  Let me know if you can help with that!!


Chuck Waddington
Head Coach - Angelo State Volleyball

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